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The 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition | SIM Technology will make a wonderful appearance at IOTE 2021

The 16th IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen. As a highly prestigious vertical professional exhibition in the Internet of Things industry, the exhibition was based on the theme of "Integration of Everything, Smart to the World" and more than 600 people were invited. Exhibitors participating in the exhibition cover the complete industrial chain of the Internet of Things, including the Internet of Things perception layer, network transmission layer, computing and platform layer, and application layer, etc., creating a large platform for resource replacement, information exchange, and win-win cooperation in the Internet of Things industry .

SIM Technology joined hands with mobile smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets to rush to this industry feast, discussing the development and business opportunities of the Internet of Things market with industry leaders, and seeking new opportunities and cooperation.

Smart scan code handheld device

SIM Technology has been in the field of smart code scanning equipment for many years. The product team members have rich experience in financial projects and strong product definition capabilities. Smart POS handheld terminal, as the star product exhibited this time, received a lot of attention and inquiries at the exhibition site.

Software strength

SIM Technology has completed the software development of various financial chips such as Maxim 32550/32555, Megahunt MH1902, tongxin microelectronic THM36 and so on.

Hardware strength

In addition to software, SIM Technology has also developed a number of POS integrated design solutions, reached cooperation with a number of companies, and completed the first EMV and PCI certification.

Among them, the smart scan code handheld device is portable and lightweight. In addition to supporting multiple payment methods, it is also suitable for multiple scenarios such as warehousing and logistics. Work communication efficiency.

In the future, SIM Technology will also expand other stores to support equipment, peripheral accessories, such as cameras, routers, scanners, electronic price tags, etc., to form a product matrix and build a "new infrastructure" for digital payments based on smart POS.

While expanding the influence of ODM, SIM Technology is also increasing its efforts to independently develop related products and solutions in the fields of consumer electronics, AR, data communication, etc. The products exhibited this time also include smart central control and 5G A variety of ODM products such as mobile phones, tablets, smart bracelet watches, AR glasses, Wi-Fi 6, 5G CPE, etc., and the rich exhibit showcases have also focused the attention of many people in the industry.

Intelligent central control

Equipped with a large seven-inch high-definition display, clear and intuitive information prompts;

Provide full-scenario intelligent voice interaction, free your hands, and travel safely;

Support remote vehicle positioning monitoring, remote anti-theft is more at ease.

Wi-Fi 6

Use dual-core CPU with large memory, 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual frequency, full Gigabit Ethernet port;

Support Easy Mesh protocol, easy networking, allowing high-speed Wi-Fi to cover the whole house;

The built-in Wi-Fi black and white list function and the new generation of wireless encryption protocol WPA3 can effectively prevent the access of illegal users and improve the security of data transmission.

AR glasses

Supports 3DOF, 6DOF, has a 1080P screen resolution, and a 50-degree field of view, giving users the impression of seeing a 70-inch giant screen 2 meters away;

The weight of the whole machine is controlled at 95g, which is light and easy to carry, and can be easily applied to various scenarios;

Equipped with Type C expansion interface to support external USB devices;

Provide replaceable nose pads, which can be adjusted freely according to personal size, full of humanized design.

As a leading mobile communications and Internet of Things company, Sim Technology has always been at the forefront of the industry. In the current rapid development, it actively responds to new market needs and has the ability to independently develop the latest products and solutions.Since entering the Internet of Things market in 2012, SIM Technology has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, focusing on smart terminals and industry wearable terminals in various industries of the Internet of Things. It has successfully launched the market in multiple industries and multiple series of smart application terminals. Strength comes from...

Strong R&D capabilities

Leading technology research and development strength has always been the core competitiveness of SIM Technology. SIM Technology has more than 1,000 R&D engineers, focusing on vertical fields, mastering the core technologies of various wireless communications and mobile smart terminals, and has many years of R&D experience.

Comprehensive product layout

SIM Technology actively researches and develops products in multiple fields, focuses on industry applications, and creates 5G+AI scenario solutions, including express logistics, financial payment, aviation and heavy industry inspections, smart home, police, pension management, education, medical and health and other fields .

In addition, SIM Technology has independently developed a big data platform that can provide customers in various industries with "cloud + terminal" system integration solutions.

Small and precise customization concept

SIM Technology, which started with ODM, has always been customer-oriented, providing refined product customization solutions, and carrying out comprehensive quality management, building a reputation for quality, successfully signing cooperation agreements with customers in many fields, and providing customers with continuous plan.

In the future, SIM Technology will contact and cooperate with more industry leaders to launch more "small and sophisticated" smart terminal products.

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