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SIM Technology participates in 2021 Asia VR&AR Expo

On May 10th, 2021 Asia VR&AR Expo and Summit Forum officially kicked off at the Canton Fair.

The theme of this year's expo is "make the vision smarter, and make the presentation more perfect". The exhibition site reaches 50,000+ square meters, and more than 100 industry experts and nearly 500 exhibitors are invited to participate in the exhibition to explore and analyze the development prospects of the VR&AR industry. , SIM Technology is also invited.

From AR industry to AR marketing, AR education, and AR healthcare, AR applications continue to be enriched, bringing huge social and commercial benefits. As the next-generation visual computing platform, AR is opening its window. At the same time, the era of AR revolutionizing the display of mobile phones is also approaching. As a leading ODM company, SIM Technology is seizing this opportunity and accelerating its expansion.

In this exhibition, SIM Technology brought industrial AR glasses and consumer AR glasses to consumers. Industrial AR glasses use prism optics, IP66 grade waterproof and dustproof design, two-meter drop resistance, support remote assistance, intelligent retrieval, industrial Internet of Things visualization, and multimedia real-time transmission.

Consumer AR glasses have a 1080P screen resolution, and the weight of the whole machine is controlled at 95g. It is light and easy to carry and can be easily used in various scenarios. It is equipped with a Type C expansion interface and supports external USB devices. The most intimate point is that it provides a replaceable nose. The support can be adjusted freely according to personal size, full of humanized design.

During the exhibition, the crowds of the booth of SIM Technology gathered, and a variety of latest AR glasses were unveiled, coupled with the rich on-site experience and interaction, which earned enough attention and attracted a large number of visitors to line up for experience and consultation.

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